So Far So Good…Knock on wood

Well, no outages for House of Hepworths since I implemented caching last night. I really don’t think there is a reason to knock on wood, though. In addition to the site staying up, the speed of the site has tremendously increased as well. Check out the difference before and after. In my post about speeding […]

Setting up WP Super Cache

Alright, so I’m SO over restarting MySQL on my wife’s blog. It keeps dying, sometimes multiple times per day. Thanks to Uptime Robot that I setup, my phone gets a text message whenever House of Hepworths goes down. The bad part – sometimes it happens in the middle of the night. Or while I’m driving. […]

Speeding up your blog or website

Well, so far so good. Another 24 hours and no outages on my wife’s blog. Both sites are showing 100% uptime from Uptime Robot: I submitted a ticket to HostGator a few days ago when House of Hepworth kept going down and they gave me a generic, yet very helpful email response on some things […]

Monitoring Your Blog or Website

Recently, things have not been the most stable over at the ol’ wife’s blog, House of Hepworths. It has gone down multiple times in the last week, resulting in two not very desirable outcomes: downtime and angry wife. A quick restart of MySQL has fixed the problem, but that is not a sustainable model. We […]

Hello World: Geek Your Blog is here

Hello World.  Ben here from Geek Your Blog. I have decided to start a geeky blog that will help other bloggers as they try to navigate the increasingly complex technical world that surrounds blogging.  My wife Allison blogs over at House of Hepworths, a DIY and home decor blog. I have been helping run the […]